maart 17, 2015 6

First unofficial day of Spring

So excited to be able to wear these jeans again! Today absolutely feels like the first (unofficial) day of Spring and dragging myself out of bed was so much easier compared to the previous months. Yay!

Mango jacket / H&M sweater / Boohoo jeans / Alba Moda shoes / Ray-Ban sunglasses

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6 COMMENTS to “First unofficial day of Spring”

  1. Suzy schreef:

    I thought it is Kristen Stewart for a second. LOL (:

    LOVELY LOOK, you rock the ripped jeans!

    Enjoy the weekend, lovely lady!
    Greetings from Florida! ♥

  2. karina schreef:

    love the ripped jeans very much!

  3. Leonie schreef:

    I love the ripped jeans! Great outfit ♥

  4. iris schreef:

    Graag nodig ik je uit deze leuke mode enquete voor mijn afstudeercollectie in te vullen. Kies welke versie van bekende modeklassiekers jij het leukst vindt.
    Je zou me veel helpen. Alvast bedankt! xIris

  5. Infinity Design schreef:

    That’s some lovely stylizations you’ve got there, they’d work great with some of my jewellery

  6. Six Vintage Chicks schreef:

    Have you ever tried using anything vintage in your looks? I really like your style, on my blog I try to use clothes from 60s and 70s, and pair them with new clothes

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