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Midi maxi

Recently I teamed up with Oasis to create a fun look to start off the new year and now I can finally show you the result! Clearly, ‘fun’ doesn’t really mean bold colors when it comes down to me, but I did experiment with totally different fabrics. I’m really loving this cute jacquard midi skirt and teamed it up with a simple v-neck knit that has a chiffon layer attached to it. Since all of this is pretty ladylike I put a tough faux leather jacket on top and I’m kind of loving the slightly awkward lengths of the skirt and jacket. All it took was a small black purse and lace-up heels to complete the look. There are so many British brands that just keep surprising me with pieces that are not only affordable but actually look nice! The quality of these three items is definitely spot on – all of it is current season by the way. Which piece do you like most?

Oasis jacket, skirt and knit / Alexander Wang purse / Schutz heels

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5 COMMENTS to “Midi maxi”

  1. Dressdrive schreef:

    Wearing this long leather jacket on top of an otherwise lady-like look is amazing, the result is very feminine but also edgy. I loved this so much and it actually inspires many outfits in my mind right now! Great black’n’white classic skirt and the heels are a show-stopper!

  2. Louise schreef:

    I love your jacket!!

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