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Even though I’m still in love with my digital SLR and also own a decent quality point-and-shoot, I almost can’t remember the last time I actually used these. The only time I can still remember is when I went to Thailand, which is already half a year ago. Somehow I constantly end up using only my iPhone camera, which works quite well for me (I upgraded to the 5S version earlier this year), but I got to admit I’m thinking of upgrading again… Even some of my oufit pictures of last Summer have been taken with my iPhone and probably all my still life images. I have no issues at all using this slightly older version, though when I see some of my friends using the iPhone 6 – and mostly: taking pictures with it – I do really notice the difference in picture quality. I think about half of them have upgraded to the 6 so I’m pretty much noticing the differences on a daily level.

Anyone experiencing the same thoughts? Or do you own an iPhone 6 and definitely recommend this upgrade? I’m probably getting one when my phone subscription ends, maybe even sooner. The camera quality is just so much better and the screen likewise. Plus the battery life of course. Earlier this week I also tried the new HTC Desire EYE which has both an amazing front and back camera, but unfortunately I’m part of this group of really stubborn and somewhat annoying Apple addicts that won’t switch up. iOs forever.

Picture sources: Chic Muse, Fashion Squad, Karla’s Closet, Fashion Toast

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  1. daphny schreef:

    awesome inspiration! Love the loafers, and the white crop top! XOXO, daphny

  2. Jeanne schreef:

    What a cool post! Stunning pictures!

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