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Waxed denim

I must admit I was kind of being forced to pull on these overalls, but in the end I guess the pictures turned out better than expected. As you may know I’m not too much of an overalls kinda girl (is this even ‘a type’?) but to wear them for once was fine. Well despite the crotch grabbing me a little bit. Pictures by OOTD Magazine.

Monki coated denim overalls, sweater and striped blouse / Choies platform boots

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5 COMMENTS to “Waxed denim”

  1. carol schreef:

    these shoes !!! jealous a bit :D


  2. milex schreef:


  3. It's About L.A schreef:

    Nice look, I like these shoes!

  4. Sophie schreef:

    Aww, the shoes! Love them!

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