mei 21, 2013 9

Twenty First

Finally got to wear these sandals I purchased about half a year ago at River Island in sale, though still accompanied by tights of course. Temperatures are actually getting close to zero again. Pictures by the talented team of Sydney Francisco, for NSMBL. I’m also planning to go to Greece sometime this Summer, any tips (excluding Crete)? Never been there before!

Warehouse jacket / vintage sweater / River Island shorts and shoes / Luz bag / Ray-Ban sunglasses

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9 COMMENTS to “Twenty First”

  1. ChicTrends zegt:

    Loving the look! The heels definitely give the look a bit of an edgy feel and we love it. Great look all around.

    Best, x

  2. Emma zegt:

    such a perfect look! love those shoes!
    followed you on Bloglovin :*
    follow back?:)

    Emma xx

  3. Jazzy zegt:

    Shame to see those awesome heels with thights (legs look great though), nonetheless another amazing outfit!

    Live Life,

  4. Thanks! Not much of a choice when it’s so cold outside though ;)

  5. andréa zegt:

    This boots are so cool, like them

  6. men zegt:

    Your boots are looking fantastic….simply awesome, your dress up is quite smart…overall you look superb!

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