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Inspiration: From the North Pole to Vegas

Until now we’ve actually had snow in April, but also a couple of sunny days which kinda felt like Summer. Dutch Summer, that is. Anyway, April’s just always this weird month in which you simply don’t really know what to put on after you wake-up, and therefore this inspiration is also going many directions, from the North Pole to Vegas. Some of the images above are really for the warmer weather and more Vegas inspired, but you might have different preferences like Phil Hellmuth who likes to wear his poker clothing line, though for me, I sure prefer going out dressed like the examples above!

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4 COMMENTS to “Inspiration: From the North Pole to Vegas”

  1. Thesquisseur schreef:

    I like the first three pictures. I’m really into the shorts combined with long sleeves!


  2. Emily schreef:


  3. Amanda K. Tucker schreef:

    Wow! The outfits looks so stunning and gorgeous!

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