april 19, 2013 8

Twenty Checks

So I bought this suit already quite a few months ago but somehow didn’t end up wearing it. Don’t know why! After finally figuring out how to wear it I’m for sure in love with it. And it definitely required some eye-catching socks, right? Pictures by Laura.

Warehouse blazer and pants / River Island tee / Pam brogues / Topshop socks / Ray-Ban sunglasses

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8 COMMENTS to “Twenty Checks”

  1. carol schreef:

    great suit and socks detail !! :)


  2. Raluca schreef:

    Nice suit and shoes


  3. robin sue schreef:

    super leuk!

  4. Ace G schreef:

    Lovely outfit, I’d love if you check my outfits in my fashion section!

  5. M A R T A schreef:

    Loving the photo’s! Gorgeous look!


  6. Rachel schreef:

    oh la la la la la i love it!
    Pak in één print, goed gedaan!

  7. la tiqusimiquis schreef:

    wooooow, I love this combo! <3

  8. Jeanique schreef:

    Love it!

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