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The Hundreds

Ever since my trip to L.A. I’ve been playing with the idea of getting my hands on a snapback, though I never seemed to come across the right one. When I spotted this one from Los Angeles based label The Hundreds I simply couldn’t resist! Westside all over. Excuse me for bringing out the same jacket again, but love it too much…

Zara jacket / Weekday textured blouse / Oasis shorts / The Hundreds snapback via Headict / Pam brogues

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12 COMMENTS to “The Hundreds”

  1. Amy N. schreef:

    That coat is amazing!

  2. Caroline schreef:

    totally love your coat and whoooole outfit too ♥


  3. Floor Eizema schreef:

    You can definitely pull that cap off! Would probably look slightly different on me.. :-) Have a great day!

  4. Lana schreef:

    Staat je goed die snapback! Leuk gecombineerd met de rest van je outfit :).

  5. Gisela schreef:

    The jacket is brilliant! wear it as much as you want, after all you paid for it ;-) and it looks good with everything!! that snapback is dope, glad you came across the right one, I know how challenging finding the perfect one can be.. truly love our blog, we’ll be visiting regularly :-)


  6. Renée Sturme schreef:

    Thanks loves!

    @Floor: Trust me, I ain’t got an easy head either ;-)
    @Gisela: Thanks for the sweet words, just checked out your blog as well and it’s sure looking good!

  7. Sydney Francisco schreef:

    You look so pretty in this outfit, I love Holland!


  8. Izael Garrido schreef:


  9. Miryo schreef:

    You look awsome! I love your coat. I think your blog is great.

  10. Michiel schreef:

    Super leuke outfit Renée!



  11. Aniek schreef:

    Gorgeous outfit! Love the combination of the coat and shoes!
    X Aniek

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