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Scarlet red & studs

For some reason I always find red dresses hard to pull off, but this baby from Dahlia was just love at first sight! Of course teamed up with a black beanie and chunky heels for a little bit more toughness :-) Find the dress here.

By the way, regarding my bare arms: if you’re still looking for a winterproof jacket, you should go through this selection of North Face from Blackleaf.

Dahlia dress / H&M beanie / Mango purse / Vagabond boots

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5 COMMENTS to “Scarlet red & studs”

  1. Amy N. schreef:

    I love the studded collar on the dress!

  2. yuka schreef:

    i love this look on you renee!! i can not believe the weather is nice enough to go jacketless over there!

  3. yarden schreef:

    amazing! i love the dress!

  4. Anna Pope schreef:

    The dress is so beautiful, love the little details like studs and the tiny flowers!

  5. Renée Sturme schreef:

    Thanks so much!

    @yuka: It’s actually freezing! But didn’t wanna put this piece away under a cardigan! :)

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