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Tee, jeans and new shades

Sometimes a white tee and jeans are all you need. I’m definitely buying more of these type of garments lately; things that don’t come with a year and can simply be worn till torn apart. Round sunglasses in the style of John Lennon have been on my list since forever, but I didn’t seem to find the right ones. Thanks to Firmoo I got my hands on these ones! Best thing? You can also get them for free through this link.

River Island jacket and jeans / 7MOODS t-shirt / Firmoo glasses / Topshop backpack / Vagabond boots / Coast necklace

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4 COMMENTS to “Tee, jeans and new shades”

  1. Valerie schreef:

    I absolutely love that jacket! It’s such a great combo with the leather bit.


  2. Marie schreef:

    Gorgeous! Exactly the kind of outfit I would wear everyday! :)

  3. lauretha schreef:

    Stunning look. Lovin your blog. Thanks for givin your blog link via instagram



  4. Aurora Pöntinen schreef:

    Super cool outfit!! I realized that you have a old link to my blog on your sidebar, the new link is! hope you come for a visit! :)

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