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With the arrival of my new favorite shop Weekday in Amsterdam, there were also these beige shorts and – most comfortable ever – sweater… I’ve been dying to wear an all white ensemble for a long time (at least regarding clothes) and finally scored these two lovely things at Weekday. They might not be ’true whites’, but looking back on my usual black outfits I guess you get the point ;-)

Weekday sweater and shorts / New Look brogues / vintage bag

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7 COMMENTS to “Whites”

  1. tola schreef:

    you look so lovely :)

  2. Krista schreef:

    Those shorts look so comfy I wish we had that store here. I also prefer the off-white to “true” white any day. That subtle difference is so much of a warmer tone.

  3. hannah schreef:

    so jealous! i wish weekday would come to new york already. that first shot is gorgeous! loving your blog. :)



  4. Ajvn schreef:

    simple but very nice :) love the shoes

  5. Christin schreef:

    Love the simple look in combination with the red lips!

  6. tina B. schreef:

    I follow your blog but don’t leave comment very often – but this time I had to write that you look so cute with your hair up like that :) You should wear it more often!

  7. IngeB. schreef:

    The combo of that white sweater with the red lips… so simple yet very effective, looks gorgeous!

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