augustus 30, 2012 7

Full denim

So, finally, fi-nal-ly, I’ve found a denim blouse that actually fits right and doesn’t come with a weird wash. Yay for that. Paired it with some other boyish things like black jeans, a backpack and of course the usual Clubmaster.

Monki blouse / American Apparel jeans / Vagabond boots / Ray-Ban sunglasses / vintage Piero Guidi backpack

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7 COMMENTS to “Full denim”

  1. Love it! Ik vind de kleur van je haar erg mooi!

  2. yuka schreef:

    i love denim on denim. and you do it so well <3

  3. Chrissi schreef:

    I always pair my denim blouse with black jeans. It’s such a great look!

  4. Anna schreef:

    Never knew a denim shirt could be this cool, love it!

  5. Martijn Mendel schreef:

    3th photo is BEAUTIFUL

  6. Renée Sturme schreef:

    Thanks all! :)

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