augustus 18, 2012 2

What’s in the bag

As requested, I finally took the – small – effort to take some pictures of the inside of my bag. Since I’m usually just carrying around this little one (after convincing and kind of obliging myself to) there’s not a whole lot that gets in!

Vintage bag / iPhone + Iconemesis bird case / Clubmaster’s / Stella McCartney wallet / almond lipbalm / Clinique compact powder / cardreader / keys

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2 COMMENTS to “What’s in the bag”

  1. Maria Moutsiou schreef:

    Hello, Renee. First comment, although a long time reader of your blog. I really like your articles a lot, you have quiet a different style than other similar blogs and a level of quality which is higly appreciated (at least by me). Keep up on this, it is very good work.
    The other days I was looking for your jewelery e-shop. i couldn’t find it. I was wondering if this means a shift for you on this issue. Care to share? Also, I would appreciate an archive index of your articles.

  2. Renée Sturme schreef:

    Hi Maria, thanks for all the kind words! I indeed quit my webshop because I unfortunately didn’t have the time to keep up with it anymore! I am planning to put some new things up for sale soon, but probably not the jewelry from that shop…

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