april 23, 2012 4

Off to Morocco!

Quickly gonna go to a store opening now, and straight to the airport afterwards because I’ll be in the perfectly hot Marrakech for the next five days! Will be experiencing everything the city has to offer, from the old medina to authentic cuisine and a walk through the Atlas Mountains. Oh, and the next time you’re going to see me I’ll have a new haircolor :-)

American Apparel dress / Zara clutch / H&M cardigan / New Balance sneakers

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4 COMMENTS to “Off to Morocco!”

  1. bloo90fashion schreef:

    Great look and really great photos!


  2. Joy. schreef:

    Marokko, wat heerlijk! Enjoy girl!

  3. lisanne schreef:

    Aaah veel plezier!

  4. ray bans schreef:

    Dress is stunning!! Really suitable for this warm day!! Love the chiffon always!!!

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