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Black donut

Black, leather, leopard, oh I’m getting so predictable! Maybe it’s just Summer I need, to get something changed in my daily looks. Then on the other hand these are just the type of things I love. Can you imagine it’s still freezing in The Netherlands? Cray-cray! But, on a good note: I’m off to London tomorrow and will be in Marrakech for five days next week! London won’t be any better, but at least it’s nice and warm in Morocco… :-)

H&M Trend coat / vintage purse / New Balance sneakers / H&M dress

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4 COMMENTS to “Black donut”

  1. Joy. schreef:

    Wauw, London en Marrakech! Doe je goed! En ja die New Balance sneakers, wat lopen ze heerlijk he!

  2. Thefashionguitar schreef:

    Cool hoe je je haar hebt gedaan, wil ik ook wel eens proberen. Very classy en leuk in combi met de sneakers. Obviously ;)

    XO Charlotte

  3. The Minx schreef:

    you look so cool wearing sneakers with your dress! love your style, definitely adding you to my blog list :)

  4. Agnieszka schreef:

    I love this look ! It’s so cool with your dress.. I have the same sneakers <3

    Bye !

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