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Maastricht & Maasmechelen

van mol shoes maasmechelen

cupcakes maasmechelen

renee sturme star print dress asos

So, as I already let you know in my previous post I spent the weekend partially in Maastricht and Maasmechelen, and also wanted to share some pictures of the trip with you. These include model Anouck Lepere, the best pastries, shoes by Angelo van Mol, a very comfortable room at the Townhouse Hotel, the streets of Maastricht and yes indeed…mirror shots. Excuse me for those. Enjoy!

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5 COMMENTS to “Maastricht & Maasmechelen”

  1. Maria schreef:

    Omg the sandals in the first picture are to die for… hope your having fun!

    Maria Jernov


  2. Laura schreef:

    Omg girl. I need all that food in my tummy. Next event like this should be +1.

  3. Lucy schreef:

    Ziet er goed uit meis!
    Makes me hungry ;) Mooie foto’s!
    X, Lucy

  4. thefashionguitar schreef:

    You look gorgeous!!

    But please do show me all that delicious food… crave crave


  5. yuka schreef:

    i love your dress!!

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