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Back to Summer

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We’ve had the most horrible weather in August and September, and now it’s almost turning Autumn, we’re suddenly having the best possible weather for this time. Went out on the boat, drank lots of good drinks and had fun cycling through the center at night. Off for more now! :)

How are you spending your weekend?

American Apparel cardigan / Motel shirtdress / Mango shorts / Dolce Vita boots / Prada bag / Fashionology necklace

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7 COMMENTS to “Back to Summer”

  1. Suzanne schreef:

    ik zou zo’n broek zelf nooit aantrekken, maar het past wel bij jou!

  2. Lovely By Lucy schreef:

    Love the outfit!
    Supermooi vest, schoenen en die ketting vind ik heeeeel cool!
    X, Lucy

  3. Amber Randell schreef:

    I want to thank you for visiting my blog. I am so glad you did because I got a chance to visit your blog, which I love. I am going to personally come to Amsterdam so I can convince you to give me that beautiful Prada bag you have in your post. I love it!!! Keep blogging and don’t be a stranger to my blog. BTW i got that green dress off ASOS.


  4. chrissi schreef:

    We had a similar back to summer moment here in NYC on Friday. It was so warm! Back to cool fall temperatures now, though. Love the girly blouse paired with the tough boots!


  5. Maria schreef:

    the boots are amazing!

    Maria Jernov


  6. Liza schreef:

    great outfit! That cardigan looks supercomfy

  7. bobby b schreef:

    i love your legs hon!

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