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September photo diary

Went out to dinner with my family, because of my grandma’s birthday.

Finally found the black & white brogues I was looking for… It took me about a year, but cheap ones can actually be found.

The best plate of ice cream ever. Finished it all by myself!

I’m madly in love with the silver version of these Miu miu glitter boots, but was of course also very pleased to spot the gold edition with my own eyes.

Visited the RAAK fashion show for ILFN, together with Sabrina from AfterDRK and ILFN’s editor in chief Anna.

One of my favorite outfits, worn by MTV’s Nadia Palesa. Loving those pants!

The finale.

A simple fruit salad: always yummy.

Currently reading Just Kids by Patti Smith, a book I bought back in LA. The first pages were a bit hard to get through, but I’m now absolutely in love with this biography, based on Patti’s first years in New York. Picture taken when I spent the night at my grandmother’s (in case you wonder about the sheets…).

Finally, finally, finally found this leopard scarf I was already on the lookout for since forever! Of course I have seen a couple of great designer versions before, but this cheap one finally made the deal.

Drinks at my favorite gaybar.

A triple of fish as starter. Scallops are the best.

Treated myself on the newest Dutch ELLE and ELLE’s style bible.

Chocolate mousse and prosecco turn your alright Saturday night into a perfect Saturday night.

Tried on some glitter nail polish, after being scared of glitters for a very long time. I first used two grey layers, topped with glitter confetti polish. Maybe it’s the Miu Miu glitter boots that inspired me?

We were treated at the office with a huge bag of Toblerone chocolates, and I tried to scare my roommate by sticking two wrappings to her ceiling. It worked. She thought strange creatures invaded her space.

Being very glad you liked my daily life shots back on the blog, this is my newest photo diary of September. I’m gonna try to take more pictures next month! Let me know what you think!

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10 COMMENTS to “September photo diary”

  1. Suzanne schreef:

    ziet er leuk uit!

  2. thefashionguitar schreef:

    Jouw diaries zijn altijd heerlijk!! En wederom deze ook, thanks for sharing

    XO Charlotte

  3. Cylia schreef:

    lol! de laatste foto is geniaal. Super leuke foto’s om naar te kijken:)

  4. Camie schreef:

    aah ik heb ook laatst just kids gekocht, ben nu alleen nog bezig in keith richards Life (heb je die eigenlijk al gelezen? want zo niet dan moet ik zeggen dat het wel echt een must is voor jou als mede Stones fan). Maar Patti Smith is al langere tijd echt mijn heldin. En is het boek is ook goed te doen dus? zag trouwens dat ze optreed in Parijs. Ben benieuwd hoe ze nu is. Daaag! C.

  5. Renée Sturme schreef:

    Nee… Nog steeds niet. Is zo dik! Vind het echt een fijn boek, alleen het begin moet je echt even doorheen komen! Verhaal begint pas echt na 30/40 pages. Cool, in Parijs… Ga je? x

  6. Carina schreef:

    Like it! Very much :) graag meer!

  7. Liz schreef:

    I love those brogues! I have been wanting a pair for a long time – maybe I will go shopping tomorrow. Very inspiring.

    I read “Just Kids” a couple months ago and loved it. I only wished it had gone on longer. (I talk about it on my blog, which is mostly about books.)

    Have you read “Please Kill Me: An Oral History of Punk”? It’s all about the beginnings of the punk scene in New York in the 1970s, and there’s a lot of stuff about Patti Smith in there. I really recommend it.

  8. Renée Sturme schreef:

    I know! Just Kids is a pretty short story…
    No, I haven’t, will look it up! :)

  9. Delilah schreef:

    I love your blog!

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