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Leather and layers

renee sturme fashionfillers leather and layers

A comfortable layered look, as I had a very busy day consisting of lots of writing ahead. Not to mention that my lovely colleagues were in Barcelona and Israel… Nothing easier than having layers to put on and take off! What do you wear on busy days?

Miss Selfridge leather jacket / Motel dress / Topshop leggings / Prada bag / Dolce Vita boots / scarf from Mallorca

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14 COMMENTS to “Leather and layers”

  1. thefashionguitar schreef:

    Super look, zou het zo zelf dragen!! Enjoy your weekend!!

    XO Charlotte

  2. Jade schreef:

    cool look! love your bag!

  3. ALA schreef:

    I love your mix of edgy and classic pieces
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  4. Dorien schreef:

    Heel leuke outfit, super leggings! Ik hou van dit soort look!

  5. Espadrille154 schreef:

    I love the look, and own the same legging :)

  6. Maria schreef:

    Oh :o i love the boots!!

    Maria Jernov

  7. Amber schreef:

    wauw, mooie leren jack!

  8. Renée Sturme schreef:

    thanks so much, all of you! x

  9. Suzanne schreef:

    had m al gezien bij ilfn… geweldige tas!

  10. leslie schreef:

    i love that bag!! great look!

  11. Atlanta schreef:

    Excellent bad and boots…I am dying to own them.

  12. Adriënne schreef:

    love zhe boots

  13. Cecily schreef:

    The perfect layered look. Really like your style ;)


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