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Kids in Italia series by Lele Saveri

Streetwear label 55DSL has teamed up with the Italian photographer Lele Saveri, who has worked for, among others, Rolling Stone and Vice. Pretty big names! For 55DSL, Lele has produced the series Kids in Italia, which starts with two short films. These follow the photographer while he explores Silician festivals for his newest book.

The clothing brand has always been heavily involved within street cultures in which they also found inspiration for new collections. In the pictures you can see the female DJ-duo Giulia From Above and Elisa Bee, who both come from Milan. It’s great to see these Italian creatives who have reached an international status, are still working together to create something new to show the entire world. You can find 55DSL here on Facebook.

I find the pictures to be raw, inspiring and most of all very realistic. No fake glamour or lots of retouching. It’s hard for me not to love tattooed girls… Oh, and the New York skyline… What do you think of the above images?

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4 COMMENTS to “Kids in Italia series by Lele Saveri”

  1. thefashionguitar schreef:

    Great photos!! I see I’m gone from your blogroll :(

    XO Charlotte

  2. Jade schreef:

    great pics!

  3. Renée Sturme schreef:

    weird, didn’t remove you! x

  4. Atlanta schreef:

    Lele too seems to have got a great shirt to wear…I liked the checked shirt.

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