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Palladium and Pharrel make Tokyo rise

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Shoe brand Palladium has teamed up with Pharrel Williams for their new campaign and I must admit: the outcome is inspirational! The campaign is all about exploring the city of Tokyo through the eyes of producer, musician and designer Pharrel.

Tokyo Rising, the new campaign, shows hidden treasures, includes interviews with inspiring locals and tells us about Japan after the earthquakes in March. The idea behind all of this is to inspire you to put on your solid boots and explore the city. Start looking for things beyond the tourist guides!

“I find great inspiration in Tokyo from the people,” says Pharrell Williams. “To me, the way that the Japanese people regard life and culture is completely unmatched. Tokyo is my second home and I jumped at the chance to come back and reconnect with friends during the exploration.”

Pharrel wears the Baggy Leather Gusset boots, part of Palladium’s waterproof collection. You can view the video and my favorite campaign images above! Which do you like most?

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2 COMMENTS to “Palladium and Pharrel make Tokyo rise”

  1. Julie Khuu schreef:

    The energy is palpable through this gorgeous video! The streets, the mayhem, the sheer tranquility of it all after the madness dies down…truly inspirational!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  2. thefashionguitar schreef:

    Ik wil zo’n ring…

    XO Charlotte

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