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Journalistics and fresh ravioli

renee sturme fashionfillers journalistics

renee sturme fashionfillers

After being busy writing articles all day, I met up at a nearby restaurant with a friend I hadn’t seen in ages. Both not eating meat, we chose two delicious vegetarian dishes and simply shared them because we couldn’t choose. Drinking some nice wines, we very much enjoyed our goat cheese quiche and fresh spinach ravioli, whilst chatting about everything that happened over the past months.

I love complete days like this. Getting up at 7AM, doing a good job at the office, slightly changing the outfit at home and off for some good company to fill up the entire evening. And back to bed immediately after that!

Miss Selfridge biker jacket / Vero Moda beige sweater and cut-off jeans / Prada bag / vintage necklace and pixie boots

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13 COMMENTS to “Journalistics and fresh ravioli”

  1. Jade schreef:

    cool outfit! love it!

  2. Marcia B. schreef:

    I love your sweater!

  3. Suzanne schreef:

    mooie look! goede kleur trui en hele mooie tas heb je!

  4. Dorien schreef:

    bag works great with this outfit!

  5. decimalshoes schreef:

    <3 your top and your bag :D
    I'll definitely will following you if you follow me :D
    Decimal Shoes

  6. Nynke schreef:

    Prachtige tas!

  7. Chloe schreef:

    Super mooie look! Had je al gezien tijdens Jackie best dressed award! Toen zag je er ook super uit.


  8. Renée Sturme schreef:

    Thanks loves! x

  9. Shevahh schreef:

    You’re so pretty, doll.
    I love the color of the top and the cutoffs. :)

  10. Nontle Sigwayi schreef:

    totally love ths outfit,looking hott babe!!!

  11. Smyrna schreef:

    Liked the combination of beige sweater and cut off jeans. that vintage necklace look cool as well.

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