augustus 31, 2011 11

August photo diary

Camie celebrated her birthday last weekend and I got her lots of chocolate muffins… Delicious!

Drawing I’ve been working on.

ILFN’s “I Love My Thoughts” notebook, made by hand, with gold sides! A big thanks to Annic :)

Shooting the cover of Fur Free Magazine with photographer Wouter van den Brink. Too cute kitties.

Jojanneke took care of the cats.

Really nice unbaked vanilla-lemon cheesecake I made, if I may say myself. With sugarfree raspberry topping! So good and even kinda healthy!

On a sunny boat trip with my colleagues. Plus nice wines and salty snacks…

Delicious yoghurt ice-cream and fresh fruits with my grandmother, during a family-weekend.

It’s raining a lot in the Netherlands. Really, A LOT. Here’s my roommate doing a rain dance in front of our house.

At beer brewery Brouwerij ’t Ij, in Amsterdam.

I’m not a big fan of beer, actually not at all, but this freshly made dark beer tasted unexpectedly great.

Helped with a fashion shoot for JFK Magazine near the coast.

Lots of trees have burned down a while ago, these are the breathtaking remains.

Swan print silky top I bought at H&M recently.

Vanilla flavored yoghurt, fresh strawberries, and granola with nuts. Best breakfast ever! Or lunch, or snack… Or anything.

Dylan says ‘hi’.

And a wonderful old picture of my mother I recently found… On her brother’s first bike.

Do you like my photo diary? Should I start doing more of them again?

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11 COMMENTS to “August photo diary”

  1. Dorien schreef:

    super foto’s meid, heel fijn zo’n overzichtje te bekijken, inspirational!

  2. Julie Khuu schreef:

    Yes! Loving the photo diary…sneak peek into the lives of my fave bloggers…love this collection….I can’t imagine spending a better afternoon with friends, food, and wine on the river…Splendid!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  3. renee schreef:

    Yes!! you should definitely do more of these posts… LOve the pics… and what breed of cat is that?? O_o

  4. Renée Sturme schreef:

    Great! Thanks!

    @renee: It’s my Sphynx cat ;)

  5. Marta schreef:

    I enjoy the post! Keep doing more photo diary.

  6. Katie schreef:

    Ik vind het leuk, zeker als je zulke variërende foto’s hebt.

  7. Janice schreef:

    Zo’n posts vind ik altijd zeer leuk, dus blijven doen! Die regendansfoto is echt geweldig :D

  8. Sarah Mendelsohn schreef:

    i like the photo diary. the desserts look delicious, love the h&m top, and very cute kittens! :)

  9. Daniel schreef:

    Jouw mama is echt supermooi….

  10. Lana schreef:

    Leuke foto’s en blog :).
    En dat ontbijtje, lunch en snack in 1 ga ik ook maar eens proberen. Het klinkt en ziet er heel lekker uit!

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