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My past week in Austria

First evening; linguini with giant scampi’s

Pool, Alpencamping Nenzing

German Vogue, with an absolutely wonderful picture of Claudia Schiffer on the cover

Käseknöpfle (better know as Käsespätzle), high calorie and cheese-breath, but oh-so delicious

The sweater I was looking for for ages, found in Bludenz for only €10 in sale

I was forced by my aunt to do an afternoon of painting and crafts with little blonde kids from Switzerland

My aunt’s cat gave birth to three cute babies, not even a month old!

Two of the kittens

My vintage leopard dress from the Austrian webshop Bows & Bandits


Great hand-selected wines

Ate lots of Austrian pies, and lots of icecream

The souvenir I always bring home every year: Mozart chocolate liquor

Double rainbows on our journey back home!

Some pictures I took in Austria over the past week. Nothing really special, just a short holiday consisting of family and lots of good food! The weather wasn’t too great so I had to stay in most of the time, reading all the German magazines they had to offer and gaining a couple of pounds again.

Trying to find dishes without any meat is ridiculously hard in Vorarlberg though… Every meal starts with a big piece of meat, I usually only have two dishes to choose from and need to go for fish a lot (not that I mind eating fish…love it, but don’t want it every evening of course). I went to Feldkirch with my cousin yesterday, and found great stuff in the H&M sale for just around €5 a piece! Trying to show it to you in the next couple days. Currently with my dad, and back to Amsterdam again tomorrow cause I have to start a fun new job next Monday! More about that later.

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  1. Maria schreef:

    really great :) looks like u had an awesome time :)) and cool sweater btw :) thank u for sharing! I love reading your blog

  2. miriam schreef:

    I have been following your blog for a while now, and I find it quite amusing that you have spent your holidays in Vorarlberg (where I live) and write about so many familiar places :) I guess the main reason you came here really must be family-visits, Vorarlberg does not have too much to offer except for good food and mountains ;)

  3. Renée Sturme schreef:

    You’re right about that! It’s too bad the area doesn’t have too much to offer, but I go there every year of my life (or actually I have been there already before I was even born), so it’s also kind of my second home. Family and good food are indeed the main attraction! Thanks for following!

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