juli 13, 2011 5

I love Finsk

Finsk shoes via Solestruck. God I adore this label. Too bad of the price tag though! Someday, maybe…
From top left to bottom right: $1000, $1000, $670, $670. My favorite: third pair.

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5 COMMENTS to “I love Finsk”

  1. Julie Khuu schreef:

    That last pair with the bronze bits is Killer!!! Love the painterly effects…so perfect to show off summer shorts or cropped trousers for Fall! Oh Finsk…yes, maybe one day…a girl can only dream :D

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  2. Lucija schreef:

    the first pair is to die for!
    Follow each other? :)



  3. Sabrina schreef:

    Wat een geweldige schoenen zeg! Helaas alleen een beetje beetje over-budget hihi ♥

  4. Mariël schreef:

    respect voor deze schoenen. Kunstwerkjes!

  5. Adriënne schreef:


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