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Jameson Film Experience

In cooperation with the International Film Festival Rotterdam, Jameson brings us a unique series of film events in which the viewer gets sucked in, becomes a part, gets inspired or just needs to laugh out loud. The next Jameson Film Experience will be at a special location in Amsterdam, on July 27, 2011. During the first Experience, 127 Hours was shown to the audience, and also this time it’s gonna be a film that you have to have seen. It will be a Dutch production with exquisite casting, which will not be shown in Dutch cinema’s. In short: very exclusive!

Afterwards there will be an afterparty and tickets for the event are completely free of charge! All you have to do is sign up here. Tickets will be supplied through a lottery and are on a first come first saved base. Above images for JFE are made by Stefan Glerum, a graphic artist from Amsterdam who I personally admire for his hand drawn signature work.

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  1. Nix Nicoll schreef:

    I have a little snippet of the film seen when it was first shown in London at the South Bank , I believe. It is completely put together in real time using fragments of old film all showing that precise moment in time. A massive undertaking. I would love to see it.

    Yours sincerely Nix Nicoll

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