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Flashy contrasts & new sunglasses

Mister Spex UK was so kind to send me this great checked pair of sunglasses by Ralph Lauren, for their new promo which you can find here. I especially love how the inside has a different pattern compared to the outside, and the thickness of the frames. They have featured several bloggers to promote wearing quality sunglasses, because you should of course never forget to protect your eyes against the sun. Check out their shop as well, there’s really a lot of nice sunglasses to find!

The glasses are a bit funky in a geeky way, and I chose an outfit with some more contrasts to go with them. I just love my disco pants, the fit is so comfortable… Should definitely wear them more.

American Apparel disco pants / eBay jacket / Ralph Lauren sunglasses / H&M top / vintage boots / Motel tote

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9 COMMENTS to “Flashy contrasts & new sunglasses”

  1. laurren schreef:

    Love the Ralph Laurensunglasses! so cute!

  2. Emma schreef:

    Those glasses are amazing!


  3. B* a la Moda schreef:

    What a cool look!

    B* a la Moda

  4. Chuck schreef:

    These are such gorgeous sunglasses! Love all the details. Your jacket is fab too.

  5. OH YES!! Those sunglasses are absolutely fabulous!!

  6. juliet schreef:

    The sunnies suit your face well!

    Juliet xxx

  7. Unique Sunglasses schreef:

    Very flashy and unique. What a fabulous sunglasses! Love Ralph Lauren, this brand has awesome sunglasses ever.. :)

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