mei 14, 2011 5

Running around

Easy and comfortable, how I like my outfits nowadays! Had to run around the center of Amsterdam for several hours visiting PR agencies and getting clothes together for a shoot, so in need of an outfit that didn’t need any care..

American Apparel jeans / Motel dress / H&M cardigan and bag / vintage boots

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5 COMMENTS to “Running around”

  1. shade schreef:

    Fijne Avond ,Nice outfit! at first I thought that you were wearing very long dress :)

    Ps. Leuke Blog

  2. Laura schreef:

    Erg mooie kleur van je jeans!!

  3. nele & lara schreef:

    Such a cool blog :)

  4. Suzanne schreef:

    mooie kleur broek!

  5. How sharp and cute at the same time.

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