april 18, 2011 0

K-Swiss launches Gonzoworld

Gonzo is a new magazine and website, made by a bunch of creatives looking for fun things to do, then photograph, film and write about those things, and put it online. As easy as that. Together with K-Swiss they created the content, including a range of videos of Tempa T workouts and super slo-mo style ones. When it comes to where it’s all about, I’ll quote the team cause I probably can’t do it much better: “It’s about living life to the fullest and booting life up the ass. It’s about looking out at the rain coming down and seeing Californian sunshine.” Gonzo portrays the Mardi Gras, a world champion fighter, will tell you how to eat right and pick up girls, and how to take a punch on someone; for the tomboys around here.

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