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And more inspiration

Sources: Fashion Toast, Fashion Squad, Grand Theft Thrift, am-lul, what is reality anyway, indecorous taste, 11:11, sea of shoes, Karla’s Closet, taghrid, Vintage is the new black, Swing Fashionista.

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5 COMMENTS to “And more inspiration”

  1. sophie schreef:

    i love the CELINE pictures and that nude dress is tooo cool to be true!:)
    fijne avond! -x-

  2. tea_for_two schreef:

    Lots of gorgeous stuff to look at <3 I'm increasingly being brain-bombed with the knowledge that Céline is desperately cool and I'm looking out for the clothes all the time now.

    Massively inspired by a lot of the pictures. Especially loving the leopard print shawl and also the old dear at the end in the bed – great expression. I often find Fashion Toast bland and uninspired. *shrug* I don't really get the mass appeal.

  3. Nataly schreef:

    I like that you take your inspiration here mostly from fellow bloggers!:) that’s nice and can be more inspiring than just watching celebs.

  4. Carlijn schreef:

    Love je inspiraties!!! Echt heel gaaf!!

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