februari 6, 2011 6


Sources: Fashion Squad, Fashion Toast, Grand Theft Thrift, am-lul, luxirare, pretty in leather, the haute pursuit, vintage is the new black, never on wednesday.

Tried to get my hands on the beautiful striped bow blouse on the first picture, but it went up too high for me, what a shame! Really, really, really wanted to get it…..put my alarm during midnight – when I was even staying with a friend – to grab it, but the $$$$ were too far up… :(

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6 COMMENTS to “Inspiration”

  1. Lisa schreef:

    I like <3

  2. Izzy schreef:

    great inspirational photos, gorgeous blog. Hope you visit back :)

  3. Lola schreef:

    would it be possible to post the source right under the picture? would be easier to see where particular photos are from!

  4. Renée Sturme schreef:

    Could possibly work with numbers, but I personally think it’s a bit ugly when there’s a gap underneath every picture! Will see if I can find a solution ;)

  5. Carmen schreef:

    Hey, could you tell me where’s the last picture from?

  6. Renée Sturme schreef:

    vintage is the new black.

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