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Iris van Herpen x United Nude

A shoe collaboration between Iris van Herpen and United Nude. Already saw these several months ago on a friend who modelled them, and even though they are indeed very outrageous, I do like them a lot. Did hear even the true fashionistas couldn’t walk in them, so I don’t know if that makes them worth the $1.295,95 price tag. Exclusive model, only 100 pairs made.

Pictures via Solestruck, who have a couple available.

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5 COMMENTS to “Iris van Herpen x United Nude”

  1. Suzanne schreef:

    ze zijn wel echt zó bijzonder!

  2. Jenny schreef:

    They do look pretty awesome! Then again, shoes are meant to be worn. I’d feel sad if I owned them and couldn’t wear them.

  3. Renée Sturme schreef:

    Indeed. I personally already have way too many shoes I’ve actually never worn because of them being impossible to walk in….really sucks! Not going to do that anymore…

  4. Little Red Book schreef:

    That is shoe porn. Yums.

  5. sophie schreef:

    too hot to handle baby, these shoes are fabulous.
    i adore your blog, really nice! just discovered it but i’m a follower already!
    see you live in amsterdam too and love partying :) going to voltt @ trouw this wknd?:)


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