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Kat von D

A big influence and motivation over the past years, to me, has been Kat von D. The beautiful, extravagant, tough but sensitive, and selfmade woman behind some of the best tattooed portraits, books, LA ink, and more. Kat was the one that actually made me took the final step in exploring the world of tattoos, and through Discovery Channel I learned a lot about her and the actual job. When I heard she was coming to Amsterdam, I of course got a little anxiety attack. Hoping to get a little artpiece by her someday, and very thankful for meeting her!

Above shots show pieces of her outfit (loving the lace blouse…), Kat and me, and the book she signed.

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10 COMMENTS to “Kat von D”

  1. Marie schreef:

    That is really awesome, Renèe! It’s always nice when you have the chance to meet someone you look up to!

  2. Ayleen schreef:

    woww, you met her? you lucky lucky girl!!

  3. Chris schreef:

    Ik snap wat je in haar ziet, alles wat je beschrijft gaat op voor haar. Maar haar extreem rechtse, white supremacy, voorkeur doet dat alles teniet voor mij..

  4. maruschka schreef:

    Wow,Kat von d rocks!!!

  5. Lisa schreef:

    she’s wonderful :)

  6. eyeliah schreef:

    cool, I’d be so excited to meet her. I was Kat for Halloween a few years ago.

  7. Holly schreef:

    How exciting – love the black lace blouse that Kat is wearing!

  8. Vera schreef:

    So cool! Lucky you! I didn’t knew she came to Amsterdam, otherwise I also would have taken a look at her!

  9. zoé schreef:

    waat, was ze in nl! tof!

    X zoé – –

  10. Gracinha schreef:

    Nice boots :)

    Happy New Year!!



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