december 17, 2010 7

When the weather outside is frightful

1: view from window / 2: my bicycle / 3: Amsterdam forest / 4: Dylan won’t go cycling today / 5: my neighbourhood / 6: near Dam Square, last week.

It’s snowing in Amsterdam. Quite a bit. Spent three hours to get to work which should take half an hour, and spent about the same time trying to get back. We decided to go back again after working for just a little while, since the van was already snowed in and took lots of manpower to get moving, and it was only going to get worse.

So, I spent the day driving around Amsterdam with colleagues and a dog. And saw a man skiing when I was going to get my groceries. That was fun. Now just sitting home in front of my tv and macbook, with good food and tea. And that’s going to be what I’ll be doing the rest of the eve.

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7 COMMENTS to “When the weather outside is frightful”

  1. PonPon schreef:

    Ugghh, I hope it won’t be snowing to much on the 29th. I don’t want my flight to get delayed.
    I’m in the usa, heading there for 2 weeks.

  2. Biaa schreef:

    What pretty pictures of snow, snow, snow! I love it :) I hope the snow blankets the roads and trees and everything else on Christmas!

  3. Liza schreef:

    Haha, my place looks the same!

    x Liza

  4. Rai schreef:

    Your blog is magnificent! Following you for sure!
    Amsterdam looks gorgeous with all that snow! Although it must be really cold!
    Wish in Greece snowed that much too :)


  5. Lisa schreef:

    love the third one.

  6. vimeospot schreef:

    beautyful pics .i love them

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