november 21, 2010 3

Oversized and undersized

No clue what to wear, so decided to wear this shirt again.. It’s is really nice and soft, but just pretty difficult cause it really needs to be worked before I can incorporate it into an outfit (read: big shoulders, huge waist, ultra sleeves). So I decided to keep it all pretty minimal at the bottom, and wore my leopard skirt and tight velvet ankle boots. My hair is kinda messy, because it’s actually the hairdo of the day before, but I was so lazy I just left it in and actually ended up liking it..

Vintage boots and shirt / Flying A leopard skirt / H&M scarf.

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3 COMMENTS to “Oversized and undersized”

  1. Nienke schreef:

    Mooi, je haar zo! Ik heb ook lang haar en doe er eigenlijk niks mee… maar dit zou ik nog wel tof vinden bij mezelf :D

  2. juliette schreef:

    Ik vind het echt een super outfit! Je haar zo messy is super nice :)
    Dat rokje lijkt me ook echt vet handig!

  3. Biaa schreef:

    Love your hair! Cute outfit :)

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