november 3, 2010 9


Sources: Fashion Toast, gary pepper vintage, luxirare, what is reality anyway, vintage is the new black.

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9 COMMENTS to “Faves”

  1. Marcia B. schreef:

    Oh wow great photos!!!! Sensory overload, i love it!

  2. soooali schreef:

    Niiiiice inspiration. Love the architectural shoes!

  3. ana b schreef:

    The Beatles’ passports!!! How amazing.

  4. Guus van Vugt schreef:

    like your blog a lot!

  5. masha schreef:

    Françoise Hardy my pretty))) love her sooo sooo much!!

  6. Renée Sturme schreef:

    @ana: It’s actually only John Lennon ;)

    Dankje Guus!

  7. Daniel Jacques schreef:

    Mooie plaatjes…ik moet vaker je website bezoeken.
    I hope all is well, Renée!! Long time niet gekletst.

    Dag dag.

  8. thanks for the blog love!

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