oktober 29, 2010 10


A couple of my recent drawings… Fine lines done with Indian ink. Detailed work and late night hours.

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10 COMMENTS to “Illustrations”

  1. Fatiha Faulzi schreef:

    You have such incredible talent. Those drawings are pretty amazing. No kidding.

  2. javiera isidora schreef:

    nice work love your illustrations! the first one looks so perfect!


  3. Daniel Jacques schreef:

    Hey best goed.

    En…ik HOU hou hou van creatief doen tijdens ‘late night hours’…heerlijk.

  4. terka schreef:

    wow, all of them are pretty awesome!the first one is my favourite- so great

  5. al schreef:

    these are fantastic! you should post your drawings more often!!!

  6. Lilouh schreef:

    what is the type of felt pen do you use for your drawing?

  7. Renée Sturme schreef:


    Hi Lilouh, the small black lines are done with Indian ink, the colored bits are done with Stabilo felt pens (as you can see in the fourth picture).

  8. masha schreef:

    wow! great drawings!!! you’re in the first year in school now? in what school are you this year? in photography like you wanted?


  9. Renée Sturme schreef:

    Thanks. No, I’m not in school currently, working a bit more and doing some courses ;)

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