oktober 7, 2010 7

Bright blue sea and bright blue sky

Bye-bye, see you in a week, off to Mallorca!
You know I actually have to take tram 13, then take the train at platform 13, my seat number is also 13, and I’m leaving at 13:00… Can you imagine?

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7 COMMENTS to “Bright blue sea and bright blue sky”

  1. christina schreef:

    haha, good luck then ;D
    have fun :)

  2. WendyB schreef:

    I was in Mallorca this summer, loved it.

  3. Lizz schreef:

    Hope that doesn’t mean bad luck! Mallorca is a great place, have fun!
    x Lizz

  4. Laura schreef:

    Dat moet wel geluk brengen en een hele leuke vakantie worden!

  5. Daniel Jacques schreef:

    Mok thee wanneer u zurück bent?

  6. knockoff schreef:

    wow,it’s so beautiful

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