september 9, 2010 7

The old

Some remaining shots of the weekend trip to Antwerp I did with Camie earlier this year (pictures by her). I know, so they are kind of old, but I can’t upload new ones yet. I recieved a message from my postman, and I guess my Macbook is finally back in the Netherlands again! Gonna pick it up tomorrow very early in the morning, before going to work. (Update: Still not it… Haha.. God!!)

Spotting the black draped Viktor & Rolf dress in the picture above? It’s mine! Still haven’t worn it though… Shame on me!

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7 COMMENTS to “The old”

  1. Anna schreef:

    I don’t mind. I live in Antwerp & I love seeing pictures of it :)

  2. sue schreef:

    ziet er tof uit, leuke jurk – btw: weet je dat er vaak een popup verschijnt bij openen van je blog?!

  3. Renée Sturme schreef:

    Thanks. Waarschijnlijk zit dat ergens in de history van je computer, zelf heb ik het namelijk nog nooit gehad (en ik gebruik veel verschillende pc’s)!

  4. juliet schreef:

    Looks lovely!

    juliet xxx

  5. Daniel Jacques schreef:

    Leuk leuk leuk!!!

    Jammer van je macje…duurt lang he?

  6. KimCarfashion schreef:

    loving your blog so much!!! From another fashion blogger to another fashion blogger! loving yours so much sweetie!!!

    following you now!! Take a look at my mine would appreciate a follow back from you doll!


  7. knockoff schreef:

    looks so nice

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