september 5, 2010 10

Throwing sand on the floor

All I thought of was ease. And nope, still no Macbook. Got so many pictures to post of the last three weeks…

Topshop leggings / vintage blouse and hat / Stella McCartney bag / eBay boots / H&M scarf.
Bob Dylan – Lonesome Day Blues

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10 COMMENTS to “Throwing sand on the floor”

  1. Anaïs schreef:

    One of my favourite Dylan Songs!
    I noticed your ad in NEET Magazine, the one with the hat and I thought “… I know that face …” and then I realized it was you :p
    I’m still looking for the perfect heeled winterboots …

  2. Not A Paper Cup schreef:

    Awesome boots! :) and I love your jewellery by the way.

  3. Reen schreef:

    I´d love it if you would let us know a little bit more about your personal life. I love the posts in which you combine pictures and the highlights of you´re day with the outfit of what you wore that day the most.

  4. juliet schreef:

    I like your look!

    juliet xxx

  5. Jana schreef:

    I love love love your shoes :-) …and you do have the most amazing hair!

  6. Fatiha schreef:

    Love the boots babe!

    xoxo, http;//

  7. Renée Sturme schreef:


    @Anais: That’s not me actually, but one of our models! Though I do see the resemblance in our bone structure, haha :)
    @Reen: Will try to! I do have a lot of pictures, but can’t post them yet because I can’t upload anything at the moment..

  8. FashionFabrice schreef:

    the boots, the legging.. i’m in love! Great match:)


  9. Anaïs schreef:

    Oh well, haha, iemand kan zich vergissen :p

  10. knockoff schreef:

    the hat is very beautiful

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