augustus 28, 2010 15

Stained rose

So busy this week, today finally the last day of five days madness on a row… Had an exhibition yesterday at ILV, called ‘Woman’ with works by Semuel Souhuwat and Farshid Larimiani, two amazing artists. Will show you pictures soon, when I’m hopefully reunited with my Macbook!

Vintage dress and purse / Zara jacket / gifted shoes / H&M scarf and grey tights / earring made by me

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15 COMMENTS to “Stained rose”

  1. Cindy schreef:

    Cute dress

  2. Debra schreef:

    Super schattig jurkje!

  3. Minnie schreef:

    Always love your associations of dark and light

  4. Not A Paper Cup schreef:

    gorgeous dress :) and heart the bag!

  5. selina schreef:

    love the dress, floral perfection!xx

  6. laura schreef:

    such a cute outfit. reminds me of a nytimes article about how elaine benes from seinfeld is a style icon these days. do you see it? hehe.


  7. juliet schreef:

    Beautiful dress!

    juliet xxx

  8. Jenny schreef:

    What a lovely dress! And I really like the color of your scarf..

    With love, Jenny

  9. Renée Sturme schreef:

    Thank you!

    laura: I must say I’m really not familiar with her style nowadays… Only know her from Seinfeld!

  10. Jenny Cindy schreef:

    I love your scarf!

  11. Océane schreef:

    Your shoes are very gorgeous !

  12. Forever Petite schreef:

    Super leuk jurkje!

  13. Lianne schreef:

    What a sweet dress, i adore it!:)

  14. knockoff schreef:

    haha,i …like your shoes…it is so beauty

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