juli 12, 2010 13

Amsterdam in orange

Just came back from watching the soccer final between Spain and The Netherlands at the Museumplein in Amsterdam, together with 120.000 other people… What a crazy match! Pictures by me.

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13 COMMENTS to “Amsterdam in orange”

  1. Debra schreef:

    Too bad Holland didn’t win.. The last picture is so funny!

  2. Marc A. schreef:

    And the wrong team won. Too sad

  3. Marie schreef:

    It really sucked that Holland didn’t win. I was in Friesland watching the game!
    Btw, I was at the I Love Vintage shop in Amsterdam om Saturday when you and Femke suddenly walked in. I think my mouth dropped a few inches. Was great to see you both, especially since I really love both of your blogs :)
    But it was so hot and I looked awful and I1m kind of shy, so I didn’t say anything. :)
    The shop looked amazing!

  4. veronika schreef:

    that mustache in the last picture is fabulous.

  5. Annika schreef:

    Wow, that first photo is stunning. It totally captures the fraternising power of football and the strong emotions most Dutch must have felt last night. I love it.

  6. terka schreef:

    wooow, the first photo is amazing!

  7. Daniel Jacques schreef:

    Vette shizzle, René-izzle!

    Vooral die laatste is erg mooi.

  8. Elena schreef:


  9. Renée Sturme schreef:

    Thanks!! Well, besides Elena, haha…

    @Marie: You should have said hi!

  10. Cindy schreef:

    Jeeej Spanje is gewonnen :D

  11. My! schreef:

    Wij houden van Oranje om zijn daden en zijn doen!
    Of we nu eerste of tweede zijn, wat was het WK toch

  12. antwan schreef:

    awesome awesome photos.

  13. Lena schreef:

    Renée, great great great pictures and amazing blog! Wow.

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