juli 6, 2010 5


Vintage dress, backpack and sandals / H&M scarf.

The last collection of pictures… Let me go back! I need another break! Oh well, in a month I’ll be gone again… Italy, Austria, and somewhere I’m still figuring out where it will be.

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5 COMMENTS to “Spain”

  1. Debra schreef:

    Awh, such nice photos..

  2. Dominique schreef:

    Amazing pics.

  3. samantha schreef:

    love the last picture! if only spain were near.. just got back from bali.


  4. shani schreef:


  5. Djuna schreef:

    Wow you were in the town I always went to when I was a kid! I adore the place, amazing.. how is the coastside, is it repared again?

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