juni 16, 2010 5


My heart stopped for a minute. I ordered the dress, and it was mine. A few days later I recieved an email it had run out of stock. My heart stopped for a minute again. Stupid Topshop.

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5 COMMENTS to “Roses”

  1. Lisa schreef:

    So I’m about to save your day! Het was toevallig dat ik er ook verliefd op was geworden, alleen die via deze site:

    Yaaaaaaay! Go me!

  2. Lisa schreef:

    Oh crap.. never mind. Zie ik net dat hij hier ook ‘out of stock’ is. Shit! Sorry!

  3. Sabine schreef:

    I totally understand your dissapointment.. Its a lovely dress <3

  4. masha schreef:

    ooo girl!! so sad!!! yeah stupid topshop!!!


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