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Bye bye darlings, I’m off to Spain for a week!

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14 COMMENTS to “Spain”

  1. Daph schreef:

    have fun! i just got back from spain and it was lovely :)

  2. Marie schreef:

    Have fun!

  3. masha schreef:

    wow you’re so lucky! you’re in vocations now?


  4. Forever Petite schreef:

    Ik wens je heel erg veel plezier!

  5. Elena schreef:

    Wow Renée I cant believe it! I follow you since a year and now you are here!!!! you are going to be really tan here in Spain, the weather is perfect!! But where are you going exactly? I’m from Spain and if you need that i tell you any shops or restaurants… tell me!!

  6. japke schreef:


  7. Jen schreef:

    Lucky you! Have fun!

  8. Ria schreef:

    I’d love to go to Spain one day, it always looks so gorgeous in movies.

  9. Elena schreef:

    it’s absolutely gorgeous Ria! and the weather sooooo nice!!

  10. Renée Sturme schreef:

    Thank you all, it´s fantastic over here! Off to Barcelona in two days…

  11. iamronel schreef:

    wow, have fun..:)

  12. ronelmarin.net schreef:

    till you come back..:)

  13. Djuna schreef:

    Wow where have you been? It looks so much like a town I know really well!

  14. knockoff schreef:

    oh,i can’t see the photo

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