juni 3, 2010 11

In the evening

Daniel and I met up in the center of Amsterdam to shoot some pictures with his vintage Kowa Six camera. I definitely think it’s a good thing to just shoot with film and to keep yourself away from Photoshop… Maybe I should start using my vintage camera’s as well…

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11 COMMENTS to “In the evening”

  1. Nannalr schreef:

    Love how the pictures are full of vintage atmosphere!
    Your skirt and jewelry are amazing.

  2. anja louise schreef:

    I love these!! I’ve been taking more & more analog photos lately and it makes me so excited to see other bloggers doing it too. There’s something so satisfying about film, it’s a cool reaction to the (over?)abundance of amazing digital cameras…

  3. Kim schreef:

    The picture in the metrostation is really beautiful, as is the rest! I think what makes shooting with an analog camera so much better is that you think twice before taking a picture, instead of just snapping one after another! I have been planning to shoot pictures with my old camera for a few years now, bit still haven’t done it! But now I’m inspired :-) A big disadvantage though is that you have to bring the film to a store and then wait for it to develop and the extra costs, which we did all the time not so long ago, but now it feels so slow and middle-aged!

  4. modedamour schreef:

    mooie outfit!

  5. dreamylacey schreef:

    the photos are absolutely beautiful!!! I should consider to use argentix from time to time!!


  6. Het rokje heeft een leuke print. Je hebt helemaal gelijk. Digitale fotografie heeft natuurlijk zijn voordelen. Met name dat je de fotos direct kan bekijken.( wat ook nadelig is want je bent sneller geneigt alles op cdtjes te bewaren of op je laptop)Ik bewaar ze liever in albums/plakboeken en dan bedoel ik geen online albums die je kan aanmaken via hema ofzo. ik kan me de tijd nog herinneren dat ik met een oud panarama toestel fotos maakten, hier zitten dus aps rolletjes in, ik heb ook nog een poloriod toestel dat was toen helemaal hot. Ik heb ooit 4 jaar in superphoto gewerkt waar ik dus zelf de fotos bewerkte en ontwikkelde op een enorme machine. Geweldig! Ik denk dat ik mijn oude toestel weer uit de kast haal voor de verandering.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. Laura MW schreef:

    Beautiful shots. I always have found a connection with film, but using it more and more recently just shows how truly amazing it can be – I agree with the ‘no photoshop’ thing because the raw shots, without keeping on checking them on the screen of a digital camera, with a more organic point-and-shoot and surprise element, are so much more beautiful and unexpected than they can ever be with digital. Mistakes with film always produce my favourite and best work.


  8. masha schreef:

    wow! these pictures are so beautiful! Yeah maybe it’s a good idea to make shoots with vintage cameras….

  9. antwan schreef:

    gosh, that second image is stunning.
    are you using a tripod?
    –did someone else take it?

    in any event, when you get to nyc, we’re hangin’.


  10. Renée Sturme schreef:

    They were taken by a friend of mine, Daniel Jacques ;)

  11. ~ schreef:

    /really nice pictures, I like your style.

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