mei 21, 2010 10


Found this little table on the streets, straight in front of my door. Was looking for one since September, and this one really fulfills my wants.

Filippa K dress / Zara jacket / vintage boots / Topshop socks / Ruby Tuesday Store & vintage rings.

10 COMMENTS to “Zoom”

  1. Sophie schreef:

    Wauw, waar is die ketting van met dat vampierengebitje? Ik vind ‘m geweldig :D x

  2. Jelena schreef:

    Wil ik ook wel eens weten!

  3. masha schreef:

    ooo your boots are so pretty and I like so much the bow on the socks))) pretty pretty))

  4. vivi schreef:

    you found a nice piece;)**

  5. Bruna Louisée schreef:

    omg, I really like sooo much your style! =)

  6. Jen schreef:

    Wow, that was lucky. the table is so cute.

    Love the boots with the little bow socks.

  7. ja die ketting met het vampierengebitje geweldig!

  8. louis vuitton replica handbags schreef:

    nice! i really love this boots, this is the best! also i like the necklace.

  9. margief schreef:

    i love that fang necklace!! so different

  10. knockoff schreef:

    The necklace is very beautiful

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