mei 13, 2010 6

Open door

Since some of you requested to see more shots or my room, I took a few. Would love to show you other parts of the apartment as well, but everything’s such a mess currently (my room never looks this neat either…). I am the emperor of piling up. The balcony is really large by the way (looks a bit small in the pictures), it’s about 5 square meters.

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6 COMMENTS to “Open door”

  1. Sox L. Cillian schreef:

    very nice pics!
    do you live in Amsterdam?

  2. Martijn schreef:

    Gezellig !

  3. I would say that your room is The Selby worthy. :)

  4. November schreef:

    :) Leuk! i was a bit “shocked” when I saw that (plastic) leg xD ! nice room.

  5. masha schreef:

    great room! seems be very comfortable! i like your balcony!
    what is the foot on the wardrobe??))

  6. Renée Sturme schreef:

    Thanks! It’s a mannequin-leg I found at work..

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