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Natalie Off Duty, Obsession Du Jour, polkadots & vodkashots, Valero Doval via Rassion Mag, Sea Of Shoes, Style Bubble, stylorectic, taghrid, Tahti Syrjala, Terry Richardson’s Diary, The Minx, Trop Rouge, Visual League.

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6 COMMENTS to “Inspiration”

  1. japke schreef:

    geweldige inspiratie die mij weer inspireert!

  2. Joy. schreef:

    oe die ene foto met donkere meisje met gekleure bloemen broekje.. die wil ik!!!! nice pics, inspireren mij ook week :)

  3. masha schreef:

    I like the stripe shirt. wanna the same one))
    the two girls in blue freak me out!!((

  4. lea schreef:

    LOVE the shoes on the third pict.
    what are they? :$ (I’m embarassed not to know it)

  5. Adrianna schreef:

    I’m in love with those purses…great patterns

  6. Renée Sturme schreef:

    @lea: Jeffrey Campbell ;)

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