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April 29

And now treat yourself on a lovely piece of jewelry to celebrate my birthday! Haha.
Ik heb mezelf trouwens vandaag maar eens ingeschreven als donor, overweeg het ook, duurt maar een minuutje.

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11 COMMENTS to “April 29”

  1. Nienke schreef:

    Is het je verjaardag? :D Gefeliciteerd! En dan heb je er ook nog zulk heerlijk weer bij, ik hoop dat je een top dag hebt :)

  2. Renée Sturme schreef:

    Dankjewel Nienke! (Op mijn verjaardag is het raar genoeg altijd geweldig weer, haha..)

  3. Katie schreef:

    Gefeliciteerd! Idd, wat Nienke zegt. Heerlijk weer!

  4. Martijn schreef:

    en ik heb me dankzij jou ook ingeschreven als donor.

  5. japke schreef:

    gefeliciteerd!! en super dat je je ook in hebt geschreven als donor!

  6. Marc A. schreef:


    Happy birthday!

    I used this song often and often as last one, when I worked as a dj.. good choice ;)


    Marc A.

  7. Yasmin schreef:

    Happy b-day! I really enjoy your blog and this song is so cute!
    Byee, kisses from brazil

  8. Emma schreef:

    Happy Birthday! Hope you had a lovely day :) Will definitely be checking out the jewellery as soon as pay day comes xx

  9. masha schreef:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY)) How did you celebrate it?
    Your new design at your jewelry sit is really great! I love it so much! So proffesional) There are even a little sketch silhouette)) That’s great)) bUT hOW CAN i bought the rings? I don’t know exactly what means numbers near the name os the ring… I have a very small fingers… What number?

  10. Renée Sturme schreef:

    Thank you darlings!

    @masha: Didn’t ‘really’ celebrate it, swapped out gifts, ate pie, and went to a huge party in Rotterdam.. Going back to my family tomorrow to celebrate it with them..

    Thanks, the sketch is by me as well ;)

    I have listed several international sizes, and the Dutch sizing as first. You would probably have to check a ring of your own to see what size you are.. For example my size is 16.5 or 17, which is the measurement of the inside of the ring, here’s a picture to see a bit what I mean:

    If you have very small fingers it probably would be something like 16-17 as well, but you do have to make sure of course, because I can’t accept returns because the rings don’t fit..

  11. knockoff schreef:

    oh,i can’t see the photo,is it past due?

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